Good morning Michelle.  Just wanted to say a very big thank you to you.  Before I met you, my life was in such turmoil with no direction and so many mixed emotions.  I am finding myself now being in such a different place.  The pain, the anger, the revenge seems to be leaving my heart.  I do not feel so broken and feel like I can do anything now and my heart is filling up with love and joy again.  I know I am not 100 percent there, but each day is getting better, each day feel lighter, each day feels easier.  Each day feels warmer as it should be.  Thank you.


The growth I have experienced is exponential and exceeded all my expectations.  Each session delved into a different section needing attention and returning sometimes where needed.  The kindness, humor, and brutal honesty in which Michelle delivers the coaching is an absolute positive.  I found the whole process very liberating.


The coaching journey has changed my life for the better.  Looking back at the time spent with my coach, I felt like I had an earnest friend, who wanted me to succeed.  The type of genuine support you do not always find when a service is being provided.  I had a committed coach who supported me throughout the process, and I am grateful.  That level of commitment I admire.


It was great doing sessions at home.  The most significant part of my coaching was when Michelle helped convert a bad occasion of chemo to a good one.  She impacted my life in a positive way and helped me see a lot of things in a different way.  I am now more in control of my own life and more like my true self.


Hi Ms Michelle.  Our sessions helped me a lot.  You gave me homework to do and I did it.  My self-esteem is much better, and I am working on figuring out who I am – things are going well.  I also want to tell you that I really appreciate you and how much you help my family.


Michelle was unbelievable support to me through my cancer journey.  So much so, I have trained to be a life coach.  She is an inspiration.


The skills that Michelle gave to me kept me sane at a time of crisis and are continuing to rescue me on a bad day.  Michelle was understanding and warm.  I am in such a better place as a person.  The process was positive, and it became more than a coach, client relationship.  In Michelle, I gained a sister and confidence.  She allowed me to feel what I was feeling whether good or bad.  She helped me redefine what I viewed as strengths and weaknesses.


I have learned about myself and even more.  Michelle was patient with me all time.  My biggest success is how I think and treat everyone around me


About Michelle, cancer, and soul coach.

Trauma – nothing screams trauma like a diagnosis that you were not expecting.  Nothing screams trauma louder than cancer does.  Her clients call her “the calm in the midst of the storm”.  She knows her clients and she intuitively understands how deeply into your skin cancer cuts.

Michelle’s softer side allows her to tread lightly on the wounds you carry, but she has a quiet strength that helps to pull you out of the gutter as you spiral further and further into your own pain.

The commitment that Michelle carries with her as a cancer coach means that you never have to walk the journey alone.  It also means that she becomes the sounding board that you need when you need it.

One particular client of Michelle’s knew without a doubt in her mind that chemo was not for her and Michelle’s guidance allowed her to find the treatment that was best suited for her.

Michelle’s gentle mannerisms speak volumes, but it is her quiet confidence that allows you to feel safe knowing that you are in good hands.  Every step of the journey with Michelle feels safe, warm, and secure.

During cancer and chemo, every patient goes through the trial of thinking “no one understands what I am going through”.  And that is the best part about Michelle – she does understand.  Having seen it and walked the journey with so many, she is rich in her experience of the agony and the joys that cancer reveals.

Cancer Coaching.  Try it.  You might surprise yourself!