About me


As a Master Certified NLP Transformation Therapist and Coach, specializing in Life, Dis-ease & MindBody modalities, I have a great intuition in all things human and emotion and read well between the lines of said and unsaid.  I have a sense of who you are underneath.

Years of studying the fields of behaviour, neuroscience, psychology, child kinetics, trauma, mental health, nutrition, and integrative medicine, have given me the knowledge and tools I have today to be free of illness, expectations, assumptions, opinions, judgments, frustration, anxiety and fear.

I learned the tools that set me free from trying to prove myself all the time, hustling for love, being a doormat, comparing myself to others, feeling worthless, not good enough, people-pleasing, seeking approval, and acceptance.  From trying to be everything everyone else wanted me to be.

Instead, I started over, I went within, reconnected, and rediscovered who I am, the real me, and this is what I want for you.  I stepped away from ego and embodied the present, conscious me, that embraces all the senses to show up fully aware in the world around me.  I connected with my heart and my healing journey began.

I discovered why I was doing things that ultimately made me unhappy, things that made me feel stuck, lonely, and overwhelmed, why I let fear paralyze me.

I embarked on a journey to find how emotions, when not dealt with at the root level, lead to illness, and with all my learnings, I could heal my mind and body fully.  I could function as a complete, whole person.

Today I take the preventative approach to everything and will teach you how to heal your mind, emotions, and body, to function as a whole.  It all starts from the inside out.

Understanding why we do things lead to changing what is not working for us.  Realizing the mind and body cannot work separately and how everything we do and feel is delicately connected, brings forth amazing change, growth, and healing.

The mind and body heal through holistic integration.

With knowledge, understanding, the right tools and techniques, you can finally be free of learned behaviours and limiting beliefs, experience health, and vitality, and have the life you ultimately love and want to participate in.

Only when you go within and heal, can you live on purpose, happy, abundant, free, connected, and supported, as we were intended to.

Embracing change comes with self-awareness, a healthy mindset, and a strong mind-body connection.  Find your uniqueness, discover your identity, hone in on your strengths.  All this assists in you navigating your passion and purpose with clear direction and intention.  It will finally wake you up to who you are.

Do you not want to start living, instead of just existing or going through the motions?  Then we have to start from within.

You are not doing this because you are broken.  You do not need fixing, there is nothing wrong with you!  You only need to reconnect with your true self, to shift and change what has not been working for you thus far, so it does, going forward.

Find clarity in the chaos and reconnect with your true essence.  When you find yourself and heal your heart, only then do you have the knowledge to create a path of greater happiness and fulfillment.

There are various ways I coach my clients, nationally and internationally as well as virtually and in person.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey, with the knowledge and power to step into a truly connected, conscious, healthy life.



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