In Memory of Amy-Lee Genis, a real life angel on earth, who gave her very last to those in need!

It’s clear that mental health services are needed more than ever. The number of individuals reporting symptoms of anxiety or depression surged 31% from the previous year.

Together, we can address unmet mental health care needs by supporting people and organizations focused on building awareness, creating community programs, and providing care to those who need it. With the current economy and a lot of people unemployed, good Mental Health is a pre-requisite to help uplift, empower and rebuild individuals, so they can contribute more effectively to society.

Please help us Fund Mental Health Therapy to those in need. Let’s end the stigma, advance mental health, and expand access to mental health care to help all prosper and grow.

Mental health is a widespread issue that affects millions of individuals. Sadly, less than half of the people in need ever receive mental health care. If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health issues, know that there are many resources that provide mental health. We would like to further assist in helping others acquire the assistance they need, which is why we started Fund My Mental Health. Everyone deserves the chance to get back to a life of well-being.

Mental illness manifests itself in several ways, and it doesn’t have to be completely debilitating to become a problem. When mental health issues begin to affect your ability to function and cause you recurring stress, it may be time to seek help.

Positive mental health and well-being not only build self-esteem, but helps you cope with everyday stresses, work more productively, and contribute more to your community and personal relationships. For most, struggling with a mental health issue can mean high out of pocket expenses. This is why we will appreciate any donations toward this cause.

We all deserve to live a life full of happiness and well-being, and finances should never stand in the way of getting the mental health treatment you need. Through donations and fundraising, the funds needed to take care of mental health are quickly and easily within reach.

We appreciate your donations and look forward to helping as many people as we can.

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